Our Aims

Boundary Brook Community Projects is a non profit organisation that aims to foster a shared appreciation for the environment through the medium of gardening and art.  Our endeavours will encompass a variety of projects designed to engage individuals of all ages and abilities where we can learn new skills, meet and assist our neighbours, improve our community and have fun.

A range of events/workshops and opportunities to volunteer in local projects will take place throughout the year.  

We are now undertaking new community projects, send me an email if you have an idea that would transform an area where you live? 

Projects to date: Flower Lane situated between Howard Street and Boundary Brook Road, East Oxford and Co-op corner, situated on the junction of Howard Street and Iffley Road, East Oxford


OxBox Art Trail Project

“Each cabinet tells a story, every corner holds a surprise, every step invites you deeper into a world where art and life beautifully intertwine”

This initiative aims to beautify our streets by transforming 18 neglected telecommunications cabinets across East Oxford, replacing graffiti and flyposting with stunning murals and creative illustrations.

Help us turn our neighbourhood into a vibrant street gallery that celebrates the creativity within our community and brings people together. I want everyone to feel part of this amazing project and pictures will be posted on completion of each cabinet. I hope you enjoy the journey.


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