OxBox Project

Establishing an art trail throughout East Oxford by transforming BT and Virgin cabinets into uniquely styled 
works of art, we collaborate with exceptionally talented local artists to celebrate our community and
 instill a sense of pride in our neighborhood.
This initiative aims to reduce graffiti and fly-posting, thereby 
dispelling the negative image they create.

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“Each cabinet tells a story, every corner holds a surprise, every step invites you deeper into a world where art and life beautifully intertwine”


This initiative aims to beautify our streets by transforming 18 neglected telecommunications cabinets across East Oxford, replacing graffiti and flyposting with stunning murals and creative illustrations.

Featuring talented local artists, we continue to foster a sense of pride in our community. We’re taking bold steps to make a lasting difference and create a brighter, more inspiring environment for everyone.

Winding through the bustling streets of East Oxford, passing by an eclectic mix of shops, coffee houses, and restaurants, the OxBox art trail will display a diverse range of artwork, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of our community. As you explore, you’ll experience the unique blend of cultures and flavours that make East Oxford a wonderful place to live.

Help us turn our neighbourhood into a vibrant street gallery that celebrates the creativity within our community and brings people together. I want everyone to feel part of this amazing project and pictures will be posted on completion of each cabinet. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Out with the old and in with the new!

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