Dawn Weller

Project Manager

As the leader of a team of comitted volunteers I am dedicated to spearheading community projects that benefit our neighbourhood.

I frequently engage with local residents, encouraging their participation in various initiatives, such as gardening, litter picking, and diverse art projects. The local school children affectionately refer to me as the “flower lady.”

Erika Harlos-Szendrey


I was born in Budapest, Hungary. After completing my MA in Literature and Linguistics and obtaining my Diploma of Education, I moved to Oxford, UK. In 2011 I started working for the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, later specialising on electronic resources.

I have always liked movies and reading film directors’ biographies. After attending a few film courses, I fell in love with cinematography. Currently, I work as a Freelance Videographer in Oxford and I am studying Cinematography. Also, I work on local short films as Production Assistant.

As a local resident, I am fascinated by the Boundary Brooks Community Projects as they bring the community together by promoting art and inspiring urban gardening.

I would like to help their work by aiding publicity through video production.



Lisa Made It is a mural painter and illustrator based in Oxford. Her unique and brightly coloured designs feature bold shapes and crisp lines and are often inspired by nature and the community around her.

She has worked with many local schools, charities and independent businesses in Oxford over the last 10 years and painted walls in all corners of Oxford.

You can see more of her work here…

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